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Hotel Guide Kuala Lumpur

Hotels in Malaysia

Every year Malaysia will receive many tourists from outside, as Malaysia is one of today’s tourist destinations. Therefore, it is no wonder Malaysia offers a variety of accommodation facilities for foreign and local tourists. What is meant by hotels is a building or company that provides overnight services and also provides food, drinks and other facilities for guests who come, in which all facilities are allocated to the entire general public who come to stay overnight. This makes it easier for tourists to stay in the destination of choice. To cater to the many demands, various types of hotels are available in Malaysia. Hotels in Malaysia are based on its location and rating as follows:

1) 2 star hotel

2) 3 star hotel

3) 4 star hotel

4) 5 star hotel

5) City hotel

6) Residential hotel

7) Resort hotel

8) Motel


2 Star Hotel

This hotel is usually located in an easy-to-access location. Its clean, tidy building and pollution-free location. Its has a minimum room number of 20 rooms, 1 suite room. Bathroom amenities, telephone, television, aircond. There is a lobby and it has its own bar.


3 Star Hotel

The hotel is usually located near the business center and shopping complex. Offers ample seating facilities and an adorned lobby. Provides a host of amenities and has a distinctive restaurant with dishes you can enjoy from breakfast, lunch and dinner.


4 Star Hotel

This four-star hotel has its own standard. They have more professional staff in serving guests and have information about the hotel’s surroundings. The location of the hotel is close to shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment centers.


5 Star Hotel

This five-star hotel is among the most luxurious hotels with added convenience and excellent service. Guests are regarded as number one and need to be greeted at the hotel’s doorstep. There is a welcome drink for guests arriving, providing rooms with quality furniture, valet parking facilities, concierge service and more.


City Hotels

City Hotels or city hotels are hotels located in urban areas, usually this hotel is intended for people who aim to stay temporarily or live within a short period of time, city hotels are often referred to as transit hotels because they are often inhabited by business people.


Residential Hotels

Residential Hotels are hotels located in urban suburbs far from the crowds, but it is quite easy to reach various places of business activities. This residential hotel is usually located in a quiet area because it is intended for people who want to stay for a relatively long period of time.





Resort Hotels

Resort Hotels are hotels located in mountainous areas or on the shores of the beach and others. This resort hotel is intended for people who want to stay or rest on holidays and for those who want to travel.



Motel is an abbreviation of Motor Hotel whose location is on the outskirts or along a highway that connects one city with another big city or with other locations, it can also be on the edge of the highway close to the big city limits. The motel is intended to be a temporary resting place for people who travel far enough by using private vehicles or public transportation. The motel always provides a garage for private vehicles.


You can choose the hotel type according to the budget, location and facilities required. The right choice makes your holiday more worthwhile and more meaningful.